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Werrason, whose real is name Noël Ngiama Makanda (born December 25, 1965 in Kikwit, Kwilu Province) is a Congolese artist and musician.
He was singing for the Protestant church of Cebezo Kinshasa at the age of 12. At the same time, he became a martial art champion.

At the beginning of the 80’s, Werrason was part of the innovative musical band “Wenge Musica 4X4 Tout Terrain Bon Chic Bon Genre”. The group split in 1997 , with J.B. Mpiana leading "Wenge Musica BCBG" . The next year Werrason created a new band “ Wenge Musica Maison Mere (WMMM)”. He launches the album “Force d’Intervention Rapide”. He toured throughout Europe, Africa, the USA, and Canada. His 1999 album “Solola Bien” was rewarded with the Golden Record in France.

In 2000 he performs in Paris-Bercy in front of 17.000 fans. In 2001 he won 2 Kora Awards in South Africa including best African performer.

From 2002 to 2004 he had world toured with two concerts in Paris Zenith, and Manu Dibango invited him in his concert at the Paris Olympia. Also artists such as Passi, Doc Gynéco , Benji and Akil invited him to take part in their musical projects. In 2005 he organised a large concert at Kikwit, his city of birth.

Werrason join forces, in 2006 in Kinshasa, with the Jamaican superstar Shaggy who, during an interview in CNN recognizes Werrason as “The greatest current African artist” .

In 2007 he released “Sous-Sol”, his first World music album.

Other albums he released were "A la queue leu leu" in 2003 under JPS Production, "Operation Dragon" under JPS Production, and "Témoignage"

Humanitarian action is part of Werrason’s life and personality. He could never be insensible to the misery of the Shegués (children of the streets) who consider him as their father. He dedicates a part of his income and spare time to schools, hospitals and prisons. He is also the founder of the charity the Werrason Foundation that currently welcome more than 400 “shegues” . The main goal of the foundation is not only to make sure those kids do not hang out in the street by providing them a roof and a warm meal but also social activities and education in order to prepare them to get back to a real social life.

The United Nations have awarded him with the title of Universal Ambassador of Peace. In 2001, WERRASON was received in audience by Pope John Paul II. Since then, he dedicates part of his time to all the UNESCO campaigns against AIDS and all sorts of discriminations

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