Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I come from a Christian family of 3 children; 2 girls and I the only boy to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Meshark Kanumba.
My ambition to become an actor started since I was in schools. I admired other actors from different groups inside and outside the country. I started acting in church, people appreciated with my performance that motivated me to work hard. After completion of my secondary education I joined Kaole Sanaa Group where I met professional actors and teachers from College of Art in Bagamoyo. The group helped me to build up my career of Acting for a period of 1 year. I also got a special training from University of Dar es salaam supervised by Dr. Nyoni (PhD) for about 3 months. The training enlightens me further to work in Soap Operas/Series. The achievements I got made me to excel in the career. The audience attracted with my performance that made me work even harder and become successful.
I have acted numerous movies and associate myself in film industry. Many movies have been sold out and more are on sale and others still on pipeline (new movies). I have received number of Awards as achievement in acting like “Best Actor Tanzania”. I have been travelling outside the country and meet actors and actress that inspire me to learn new things and experiencing different life in the career.

I worked with Nollywood from Nigeria, where we made about five movies with famous actors from Nolllywood. It was my first experience working with actors from outside Tanzania. I visited famous areas in United States of America such as Hollywoond where many celebrities live and Warner Bros Pictures, Universal Studios and Disney Land where actors make their movies. The tour widened up my skill in the career, I met different actors and other people in movie industry in Orlando.
I would like to thank God, for having made everything possible in my work. I realized how true this gift of acting is for me. You given me the power to believe in my passion and pursue my dreams. I could never have done this without the faith I have in you, the Almighty.
To my beautiful loving mother (Flora) For the first time in this age, I am speechless! I can barely find the words to express all the wisdom, love and support you've given me; I am eternally grateful, I Love You Mommy.

My deepest gratitude to my executive Producer for his encouragement and guidance and patience demonstrated during my work,
Sincere thanks to my Adviser, Mr. Mtitu G. Game and His Wife for their entireness supervision. My sisters Sharifa Kalala (USA), Sanura Hussein (in Denmark), I want to thank them for all their help, support, interest and valuable hints on my work.
I am deeply indebted to Chrissant Mhengga, Dr. Nyoni, Directors, Producers, Artist and all friends whose advises makes my work possible, and all my Fans all over the world

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