Monday, March 29, 2010


Crossing over from a Karaoke singer to one of the biggest divas in your home country is no easy task. Juliana Kanyomozi on the verge of releasing her ten-track debut solo album is one feat to envy. Her latest pop reggae single Nabikoowa (I got tired of it) is burning up local music charts fast (entering Capital radios KT20 two days after release) indicating she is not slowing on churning hits. The former Karaoke singer explores a turbulent relationship and the resolve to move on. Ndifuna omulala (Ill find another one), Newoli kolotya, wampisa buubi naange nakukwaawa nabikoowa (whatever you do, you treated me bad and I gave you up I got tired of it). Contrary to speculation it was personal, Juliana refutes asserting, its only about things that happen to so many people caught up in relationships that do not work out. She adds sometimes in relationships we need to accept and move on. You have to be strong. Nabikoowa recorded at Steve Jeans Fenon records, has imprints of a hit: simplicity in lyrics, a widely appealing message, powerful honeyed vocals (with superb octaves), great ad-libs, sweet melody, memorable hook, sparse instrumentation allowing her voice, words and theme to be heard and clean professional production delivered by Steve. It features on her upcoming album slated for July on the same company. She promises three songs in local pop (luganda) a style she has progressed to from raw slick r&b and easily defined as a fusion of r&b and local pop with Caribbean elements surrounding her distinct voice. Her last two efforts taata wa baana (father of the kids) with Bobi Wine and their equally successful duet Maama mbiire marked the move

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