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Birth Date: Saturday, September 04, 1982
Gender: Male
Actor Biography

Zayn Nabbi was a contestant on the first season of Survivor South Africa, set in Panama, in 2006. He came fourth.

Nabbi is a rugby writer for the Independent Group and was the first official contestant to be announced for Survivor South Africa: Panama.

The news of Nabbi's involvement was "leaked" to the newspaper he works for, The Daily News in Durban, on 17 August 2006.
Actor Trivia

Star sign: Virgo

Residence: Durban, KZN

Occupation: Sport journalist

What you should know about him:
Even though he's a little overweight, he plays rugby and hockey, and rugby is his all time favourite sport. He likes political debates around the campfire and is a devoted Catholic.

What would you want to take to the island?
‘My Bible.'

Describes himself as:
‘An extroverted workaholic with a big mouth.'

Worst qualities:
‘I can be arrogant and love to argue.'

Why will you win Survivor?
'My intention isn't to win, but to increase my spirituality.'

What did you think made your entry unique?
‘The fact that I'm pretty much a straight talker, and I tell it like it is. I think I also irritate older white males because of my beliefs: I endorse things like affirmative action. Being a rugby writer in Durban, I'm probably the most unpopular rugby writer in white rugby circles. My popularity sits high with black people ‧ and I mean all African people, coloured, Indian, black…'

Who was the first person you told about getting into Survivor SA?
‘I ran out the office because I work at Independent Newspapers, and I didn't want any journalists catching on and putting it in the front page as a story, and I didn't want to be kicked off the show because of the confidentiality clauses!'

Why do you think you were chosen to be a Survivor?
‘The fact that I'm a franchise. I'm not a model, I don't have a six-pack, I'm overweight, I'm not the best looking gent. But I'm a bloody good character, and that makes for good TV.'

What he'll miss the most:
Family, friends and pets, his mother’s home cooking
Quote: “I’m not here to make temporary alliances, but to forge friendships for life!”


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