Tuesday, April 13, 2010


has a passion for the power of words and a heart to raise the voice of those whose voices are not heard. Currently working in the government and policy in London, she would like to use the skills gained in this work to establish projects and eventually systems in Tanzania and other African countries that would benefit.

Born in the ‘haven of peace’ Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, JACQUELINE KIBACHA who does poetry under the name PRETTY POET is a Creative Strategist artistically documenting and responding to the struggles that exist in a Woman’s world and the tensions of the human soul within, through poetry and words spoken. Experience of organizing
music events and being the lead female vocalist in a funk reggae band, cultivated her eclectic music taste and the desire to experiment with sounds and words.  PRETTY POET is currently in studio working on her first album. In her pieces she fuses the love for words with music, collaborating with DJs, musicians and producers to create poetry with a purpose beyond words on a page. Her creative influences include artists such as Lauryn Hill and Nina Simmone who match the weight and richness of their voice with lyrical content that is thought provoking and socially aware.

Words are her passion and poetry is her art. In her most recent poem Mean Love she collaborates with renowned East African producer Ambrose Akwabi aka Dunga of Mandugu Digital. The poem tackles the issue of domestic abuse and incorporates Swahili to emphasize that these issues need to be given more attention in African society. Mean Love is available to download in iTunes, Amazon and Napster.

As a natural big sister, the first born of 4 siblings and many more in her growing ‘extended family’ PRETTY POET has an optimistic outlook on life, believing that if you can see it, you can achieve it. She encourages others to find their confidence, acknowledge their talents and set goals to see their dreams realized. PRETTY POET’S approach has been likened to taking a sugar-coated pillÉ She cares, she gives you truth and she helps make things better! Visit her on her blog www.prettypoet.blogspot.com to catch her perspective.


I love people, I love building relationships, I love to discover where my life can come among alongside yours because I believe that I am a catalyst for positive change and growth wherever I connect with others. I am inspired by those who are free enough to love and brave enough to do the acts that demonstrate that love, for themselves, and for others. My hope is that I will always be able to make my life available, to be an inspiration, to live a PRETTY POETIC lifestyle, having eyes that look with imaginative awareness and a voice that is authentic and commands response and change. I want to use my PRETTY POETIC perspective to see and solve problems in my communities.

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  1. Congs Jacque....keep up the good work dear, keep representing and may God be your guide in all you do. Irene B.