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Wahu Kagwi (born c. 1980), performing under the name Wahu, is a musician from Kenya.
Wahu is a former model and University of Nairobi student, graduating in mathematics [1]. She started her musical career in 2000. Her first three singles were "Niangalie", "Esha" and "Liar" [2]. Wahu released her first major hit, "Sitishiki" around 2005 [3]. Her music has been produced by the Ogopa DJ's [4].

She is married to Nameless, another award-winning Kenyan musician. They have a daughter,Tumiso Nyakwea, to whom she dedicated her biggest hit to date "Sweet Love"
er music and lyrical style is a depiction of the attitude borne by this emergent class progressive women who see themselves as intellectual equals of their male counterparts.

Wahu's journey into the Kenyan music scene was however not without a struggle.

Faced by prevalent public opinion that insinuated hopelessness as far as the Kenyan entertainment scene was concerned, Wahu was often dissuaded from taking her musical pursuits with seriousness; "Be realistic" They often said, "You're better off getting yourself a respectable good white collar job"

There is of course a lot of truth in these statements; after all, the "respectable white collar jobs" are history's tested tried and true way of achieving financial stability and societal respect, right? Wrong- to a large extent.

History also shows us that only those who were daring and bold enough to follow their dreams, only those few with the courage to go against the tidal flow, only those made their mark in history, and to date, are remembered and honored for their contributions towards societal growth.

With this as a driving force, Wahu opted to go against the prevalent attitude and pursue her musical ambitions.

While a student at Precious Blood Secondary School , Riruta, Wahu, together with a friend, wrote her first song, " Showers of Blessings" As a tribute to God for the national academic success that the school enjoyed.

The song is, to date, still part of the schools hymnal collection. On completion of her high school education, Wahu began working with various media houses on TV and radio jingles.

The moneys from these short contracts went towards her university education at the University of Nairobi , where she pursued a Bachelors degree in Mathematics.

Just as she had found the courage to express thoughts opinions of others in the jingles that she wrote and recorded, Wahu soon found the courage to record her own thoughts and opinions in song, for radio airplay.

Her first song ' Niangalie' drew the attention of renowned CBN presenter Victor Oladokhun, who aired it on his 'TURNING POINT' program, and was seen by millions all across the world.

Her second song ' Esha ' was a fusion of English Swahili and Kikuyu based on a traditional Kikuyu folk song, and inspired by the late Brenda Fassie The success enjoyed by these songs encouraged her to write " Liar " and " Sitishiki " both of which have and continue to enjoy extensive airplay both locally and regionally.

Her musical prowess has not only seen her work alongside prominent companies on promotional material, but has also facilitated her travels across the world on international tours, sharing stages with prominent international music icons such as Sean Paul and Wayne Wonder.

The young artist is currently working on an album, scheduled for release later on in the year (2005) Indeed, by sticking to her motto " You've only got one life- use it well",

Wahu has proven that despite public opinion, despite the tidal waves that often wash over our aspirations, dreams can come true- only if you try.

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